Ankle Socks - Pink Alsorts

Ankle Socks - Pink Alsorts

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Slip your feet into this ankle sock and prepare to stand out. This expressive pair is crafted from a blend of mercerized cotton to make sure you always have a well crafted, colourful design accessory close at hand. These glimmering pink socks feature an intricate pattern in white and black, with a rich green heel, mahogany toe, finished off by a yellow pinch cuff for a comfy fit. 

These socks are one size and fit most women from size  36 to 41

Machine Wash at 30 °C

50% Cotton, 48% Polyamide, 2% Elastane


Elevate your everyday look with socks uniquely designed to inspire you. From the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the ballrooms of the swinging 1950s, to your Spring/Summer 2018 wardrobe: a vintage vision of timeless style. 
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