Neroli & Palmarosa Hand Salve

Neroli & Palmarosa Hand Salve

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A floral and breezy salve blended with the ever-popular Neroli and Palmarosa plant oils. Handmade with plant, seed and fruit oils, this salve offers a nutrient packed salve that replenishes and moisturises hands and rough patches of skin.

Handmade in the UK using Dorset beeswax and Natural plant oils. Cruelty Free. No parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS.

Net Weight: ℮ 20  g  /  Dimensions: D 55 x 20 H mm

The Bees Knees - Bees are under threat. So when we decided to craft our balms, salves and body butters we knew we needed to find the kindest and most sustainably made beeswax and honey we could. Where better to start than our neighbours! The beeswax that goes into these products is made by our bee mad friends of over 35 years, who live just over the hill. Bees for them are a way of life, and ensuring their happiness is priority number one. Honey that goes into our body butters is produced even closer to home, with the honey coming from bee hives dotted round the same valley where we make our skincare.   


A Skincare range we are proud to make and use, that doesn't cost the earth. For us this means taking care and pride in everything we do from how we source British ingredients and develop innovative ways to recycle, right through to how we craft and cure our products.