Cotton Socks - True Green

Cotton Socks - True Green

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Our True Green socks are made from a careful selection of recycled cotton. These socks are the expression of the fight against the pollution which affects our leafy and rich vegetation. The indiscriminate deforestation, the trade of species, the constant desertification, any alteration in our ecosystem causes an irreparable imbalance in nature, which acts as a harmonious whole.

In fact, we chose dark beige on the outside, representing the ground and the wood from the trees. However, we selected green and light blue inside, which can be glimpsed from outside.


Created in Spain - Made in Portugal.

Machine wash

This brand designs and produces their products in a small, Spanish village, at the mouth of the river Lerez. They are produced in small, expert family workshops who have been in the hosiery business for over three generations! Their timeless knowledge and highest quality of materials makes this brand something really special.