Cotton Socks - Blue & Pink
Cotton Socks - Blue & Pink
Cotton Socks - Blue & Pink

Cotton Socks - Blue & Pink

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Our Blue Love socks are made with recycled blend cotton of many colours. We produce original and resistant threads from a mixture technique that combine multicolor yarns to create a new color fusion. 

In addition, we divided the sock in three stripes with different chromatic combination to create unique looks. In the upper yarn we choose a sky pale blue. In the mid highlights white purity mixture with yellow. Finally on the tip yarn mix prevail a joy pink palette.

Eco-friendly product

- 100% recycled cotton socks

- Multicoloured construction

- Fashionable look

- Perfect fit without pressure

- Finely ribbed knit

- Durability and resistance

Created in Spain - Made in Portugal.

Machine wash

This brand designs and produces their products in a small, Spanish village, at the mouth of the river Lerez. They are produced in small, expert family workshops who have been in the hosiery business for over three generations! Their timeless knowledge and highest quality of materials makes this brand something really special.