Creoles Earrings

Creoles Earrings

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These small bronze hoops gilded with fine gold stick perfectly to the earlobe. They were made in Niger, by hand, by a Tuareg craftsman. 

These are curls so light that they can be worn day or night and go with you on all your adventures!

The history:

In the Sahara, patterns and jewellery often have magical powers. For the Tuaregs, the Woodabe Peulhs, each small object hanging on the body carries a meaning, a history, a force that protects them, gives them courage to face the desert. I was inspired by these talismans to design the "Les Grigris" collection.

Composition, sizes, weight:

Bronze gilded with 24 carat fine gold.

Weight: 2.4 grams. 

Hoops of 1cm in diameter.

Gilded with fine gold by a Parisian craftsman. 

The greatest luxury is the delicacy given to small things, the delicacy of the lines, the carving, the care taken in the choice of materials. Elegance comes from the material, from the knowledge of shared know-how and from the respect shown to all those who participate in the adventure. Committed to an ethical and fair approach from one end of the production chain to the other.


Ethical accessories that create meaning, weave links. Objects to give to those you love, to collect, a pleasure for yourself, an alliance to unite. Our creations travel and tell stories.