Utility Jacket - French Blue

Utility Jacket - French Blue

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We know you were looking for the perfect canvas jacket and here it is! A canvas jacket, with outside and inside pockets (girls deserve pockets too!), a minimal and slightly oversized cut and made with a cotton canvas created in a traditional factory that recovered the old traditional looms and still produces the rustic cotton canvas.

100% Organic Cotton, Washed and Pre-Shrunk

Machine Wash.


A sustainable fashion brand inspired by modern life, proposing garments that are consistent with an individual, more minimalist and conscious lifestyle. The minimalist and democratic design are only the surface over a serious commitment with sustainability and transparency of the manufacturing processes that are found in the heart of every product. "Understanding that sustainability is a balance and that we can hardly produce something that doesn’t have any environmental impact , we are constantly looking for the best way to obtain local, raw and quality material, without generating more impact on the environment, and that has a positive social impact, inspired by the concept of circular economy, we created partnerships with Portuguese factories in order to develop new recycled products."