Tamtout Necklace
Tamtout Necklace

Tamtout Necklace

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Necklace engraved in the shape of a ball in solid silver with a small seed inside.

Tamtout is the woman in Tamashek, the language of the Tuaregs.

In India, women wear bolas during their pregnancy, bell necklaces that emit a tinkling sound that the child will recognize at birth and which will reassure and soothe it, later helping it to fall asleep.

Inspired by this Indian tradition, this sphere is engraved with Tuareg motifs. Inside, there is no bell but a small seed. So it only makes a very light, soft and discreet sound, but full of symbols.

Weight: 3.6g

Material: Solid 999 recycled silver

Diameter: 1.7cm

Length of the rayon link or the silver chain: 70 cm

The tie can be lengthened on request if you want it to reach your rounded belly.

Small red colored cotton tie 

Light shade silver is recycled, every time the silver is molten the impurities in the metal melt and the silver purifies itself which is why our metal is so pure and clear.



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