The Seated Queen Dynasty Set
The Seated Queen Dynasty Set
The Seated Queen Dynasty Set
The Seated Queen Dynasty Set

The Seated Queen Dynasty Set

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The perfect introduction to The Seated Queen Cold Cream.

The modern classic, the award-winning 3-in-1 vegan cream cleanser, facial + overnight mask, is formulated with cold-pressed organic seed oils, aromatherapeutic scent to prepare body + mind for sleep. Soothes, plumps, repairs and nourishes.

30ml Cold Cream glass jar arrives in black recycled nylon travel bag with unique 100% cotton Bubble cleansing cloth frosted glass jar (30ml) Vegan Society-accredited.100% Recyclable packaging. Vegan. Made in the UK. Sustainably, traceable sourced ingredients.

Organic cold pressed borage seed, argan kernel + rosehip, with organic rose otto, bergamot + patchouli leaf.

For dull + dehydrated skin

Use as a cream cleanser + makeup remover (suitable for first + second cleanse); 10-minute facial; or overnight mask

Apply a thin veil to face + neck; remove with warm dampened cloth as required. If using as a mask, apply to cleansed skin after serum. Combine with our Restoring Face Oil to give skin an extra boost


Borage seed oil** is a soothing + nourishing moisturiser. Thanks to its high concentration of gamma linolenic acid + stearic acid, it strengthens the skin barrier function + helps replenish skin cells

Created from the rosehip fruit + seed, rosehip oil** is rich in antioxidants, linoleic acid + trans-retinoic acid, a natural form of vitamin a + other essential fatty acids. The result is a supercharged ingredient that promotes healthy skin cell rejuvenation

Apricot kernel oil** boasts high vitamin e content + is an effective moisturising agent that helps replenish cells without clogging pores. Coupled with vegan glycerin + shea butter* it creates a semi-permeable mask that allows ingredients to penetrate + replenish skin overnight

Natural bisabolol is a soothing antioxidant extracted from german chamomile essential oil. It hydrates skin + helps restore suppleness, as well as enabling active ingredients in other oils to penetrate the skin more easily

With its exceptional healing properties, shea butter* protects skin from dehydration + aggressive external factors

Argan kernel oil** helps moisturise, protect + improve skin elasticity thanks to its fatty acids (high in oleic, linoleic acids) + antioxidants, especially Vitamin E

Hydrating superstar vegan glycerin is able to absorb moisture from the air, taking it from the skin’s outern layers to the deeper skin tissue

With a calming scent structure formulated to aid sleeps. 

Base notes of patchouli leaf*, frankincense*, middle notes of rose otto*, clary sage*, lavender*, chamomile* + top notes of bergamot*

(*organic, **cold-pressed + organic)


Need to Know :
100% vegan ingredients, Vegan Society-accredited
Premium, minimally processed extracts
100% recyclable packaging, from lid to box
Made in UK
No animal testing
No parabens
No phthalates
No sulfates
No synthetic fragrance
No PEG (polyethylene glycol)
No retinol
No formaldehyde