Wildlife Collection Seed Boxes

Wildlife Collection Seed Boxes

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These beautifully illustrated seed boxes include a set of six seed balls for bees, birds, bats, butterflies, beetles and hedgehogs. Totally perfect for anyone who loves their garden wildlife.

The collection includes one box for each type wildlife plus an information card with details on each wildflower mix. Made from 100% recycled card.


Bee Box - birdsfoot trefoil, foxglove, red Clover, viper’s bugloss and wild marjoram.

Butterfly Box - purple loosestrife, forget-me-not, musk mallow, red campion and yarrow.

Hedgehog Box - yellow rattle, wild carrot, birdsfoot trefoil, tufted vetch, self heal and poppy.

Bird Box - corn marigold, poppy, greater knapweed, sheep sorrel, tufted vetch, and wild carrot.

Beetle Box - common knapweed, cornflower, cow parsley, field scabious, foxglove, great burnet and yarrow.

Bat Box - borage, cornflower, corn marigold, evening primrose, nightscented stock and wallflower.


We love this brand because they are a non-profit company on a massive mission to help increase the abundance of British wildflowers and wildlife that depend upon them. They strive to inspire a wildlife gardening revolution while providing a very handy way of going about it.